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I won't argue about masks, just serve patients and get them out

Pharmacist Peter Kelly talks to ICP editor Neil Trainis about masks and what the world will be like after July 19.

14 Jul 2021 , 1 Min Article

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The government won't fund us for all this extra work!

Pharmacist Peter Kelly talks to ICP editor Neil Trainis about the impact of GPs doing virtual consultations during Covid-19.

1 Min Article


I have a lot more jokes about illness and health than other comedians

Pharmacist Peter Kelly talks to ICP editor Neil Trainis about his stand-up comedy career, including getting brutally booed off at The Comedy Store.

03 Aug 2020 , 1 Min Article


Coronavirus - my wholesaler has run out of hand sanitisers

Independent Community Pharmacist editor Neil Trainis and community pharmacist Peter Kelly examine the impact of coronavirus on community pharmacies and patients as the disease escalates.

12 Mar 2020 , 1 Min Article


I can't see private services being mainstream in community pharmacy

Community pharmacist Peter Kelly talks to Independent Community Pharmacist editor Neil Trainis about services and funding.

06 Mar 2020 , 1 Min Article


We're comfortable talking about a broken leg. But mental health?

Independent Community Pharmacist editor Neil Trainis talks to pharmacist Peter Kelly about the ability of community pharmacy teams to access mental health support.

27 Feb 2020 , 1 Min Article


GPs openly discuss contract and pharmacy doesn't. That's unjust.

In our latest podcast, the community pharmacist Peter Kelly tells Independent Community Pharmacist editor Neil Trainis that the PSNC should put its contractual and funding proposals out for discussion at the LPC conference.

19 Feb 2020 , 1 Min Article


CPCS referrals have been slow but I hope it evolves

In the first of a series of podcasts, Independent Community Pharmacist editor Neil Trainis talks to the London-based community pharmacist Peter Kelly on a range of issues impacting the pharmacy profession.

05 Feb 2020 , 1 Min Article


Product Training

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Clinical news

Pharmacy First: Uncomplicated urinary tract infection

Welcome to our CPD module series for community pharmacy technicians. Written in conjunction with the Pharmacy Magazine CPD series, it will mirror the magazine’s programme throughout the year. The series has been designed for you to use as part of your continuing professional development. Reflective exercises have been included to help you put your learning into practice.

24 Apr 2024 , 10 Min Module

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Manufacturer Resources

SMA Infant Feeding Resources

Work through the programme page and complete the infant health and feeding modules to develop your expertise and access exclusive learning resources, benefits and prizes

Sponsored Education

Managing fever in children

Get to grips with the current guidance on managing fever in children and how antipyretics can help, and discover products you can recommend.

18 Dec 2022 , 10 Min Module

Sponsored Education

Advising on acne

Bust the myths around acne causes so you can recommend effective products and self-care advice

30 May 2023 , 5 Min Module

Sponsored Education

Tackling fleas and ticks

This module will enable you to have confident conversations with customers, helping them manage fleas and ticks both on their pets and in the home.

17 May 2023 , 10 Min Module

Sponsored Education

Fungal Nail Roundup

Complete this short interactive module to refresh your knowledge on identifying and treating fungal nail infections, and discover more about a product you can recommend to customers.

18 Apr 2023 , 5 Min Module

Sponsored Education

Treating fungal nail infections

Understand how fungal nail infections develop and help manage customer expectations around treatment

18 Apr 2023 , 10 Min Module

Gina module 1.png
Sponsored Education

What is Vaginal Atrophy

Update your knowledge on this common condition, who it affects and its impacts on quality of life

29 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Module

Gina module 2.png
Sponsored Education

What is Gina

Learn about how Gina works and who can use it

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Module

Gina module 3.png
Sponsored Education

Gina Support Tools

Understand the path to purchase in the pharmacy and the tools available to support supply decisions

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Module


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GPhC fitness to practice investigations

What should a registrant do if they find themselves the subject of a fitness to practise investigation?

14 May 2024 , 1 Min Article


Avoid HMRC locum clawbacks

Richard Hough and Brendan McAleese provide an overview of the considerations under employment law.

30 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


Business rates – GPs versus community pharmacies

There is inequity in the financial support offered by the government to GP practices and pharmacies, as Richard Hough and Oskar Musial explain.

05 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


Pharmacy First – striking the right balance

With Pharmacy First, a tension exists between the commercial interests of the pharmacy owner and the RP, says Richard Hough.

13 Feb 2024 , 1 Min Article


Supervising pharmacy’s evolution

Our legal expert writer Richard Hough casts his eye on the government’s proposed changes to supervision.

16 Jan 2024 , 1 Min Article


A guide to dilapidations

Bella Stuart-Bourne from Charles Russell Speechlys goes through the key considerations for pharmacy tenants.

15 Nov 2023 , 1 Min Article


Navigating corporate legal matters in pharmacy

What are the key corporate matters you need to navigate to ensure you comply and protect your interests?

20 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article


The pros and cons of artificial intelligence

We examine the advantages and risks of artificial intelligence on safety in the workplace.

06 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article

Tertius Alberts CRS 1280.png

Are you considering buying a pharmacy?

Tertius Alberts at Charles Russell Speechlys answers some common questions to help inform independent buyers.

06 Jul 2023 , 1 Min Article

Lauren Kelly CRS 1280.png

Breaking a pharmacy lease

Lauren Kelly provides an insight into the legal factors pharmacists need to consider.

18 May 2023 , 1 Min Article


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In brief: Pharmacy pressures survey extended

The annual survey from Community Pharmacy England will now close at 12 noon on Monday April 8.

05 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


PSNI delay over fee payments is to ‘detriment’ of pharmacists, warns PDA

The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland said legislation had delayed its introduction of quarterly direct debit fee payments.

14 May 2024 , 1 Min Article


CPE attacks new concessions system as ‘delayed’ April prices released

Businesses concerned by the new clawback system imposed by Government.

01 May 2024 , 2 Min Article

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Number of pharmacies in Wales at ‘lowest number in memory’

Warning about the impact of poor funding, Community Pharmacy Wales said as of April 2024, Wales had 686 pharmacies.

18 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


Living wage hike could lead to pharmacy lay-offs, NPA warns Government

NPA issues dire warning to policymakers over 'unfunded' NLW hike from April.

28 Mar 2024 , 2 Min Article


Planning for the new tax year

As another tax year comes to an end, it is important not to lose track of time and review your personal tax positions.

12 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article


Remuneration systems must allow pharmacies ‘to look forward and develop’

Numark chairman Harry McQuillan urged the governments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to follow Scotland's example.

07 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article


London LPC to launch NHS-funded self care scheme in coming months

ICB to fund OTC medicine provision for deprived local patients, Sigma conference hears

28 Feb 2024 , 1 Min Article

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Alliance Healthcare joins Pharmacist Support to help students

Pharmacist Support chief executive Danielle Hunt said Alliance will help it “plan and execute initiatives" that will support students.

25 Jan 2024 , 1 Min Article

Business news

CPE: Delayed 2024-25 talks should start ‘imminently’

Talks were slated for late 2023 but cabinet reshuffle led to delays

18 Jan 2024 , 1 Min Article

Clinical Focus

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Holiday help pharmacy-style

Whether it’s sunburn, insect bites, stings or digestive problems, patients need plenty of guidance.

14 May 2024 , 1 Min Article


Kicking foot and leg problems into touch

Kathy Oxtoby looks at the care and support pharmacies can provide people with common feet and leg conditions.

30 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


Back away from pain

Back pain causes significant disability among the population and it is becoming more common.

17 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article

Pregnancy 1280.jpg

Looking after mother and baby

Not all mothers-to-be know what they can do to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy.

20 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article


Let’s talk about men’s health

One in five men in the UK dies before the age of 65 but community pharmacies can play a key prevention role and prolong lives.

12 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article


An alternative way for people in pain

With a wide choice of active ingredients and formulations, Steve Titmarsh considers who might find topical analgesics helpful.

22 Feb 2024 , 1 Min Article


You can still win with cold skin

Winter weather can be a pain for people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

31 Jan 2024 , 1 Min Article


Taking a deep breath

Inadequate control of lung diseases such as asthma and COPD contribute to poor outcomes for patients.

24 Jan 2024 , 1 Min Article


Making eczema an ex-problem

Living with eczema can be uncomfortable and can take an emotional toll on sufferers.

03 Jan 2024 , 1 Min Article


Oral care is crucial for top-to-toe health

Looking after our teeth and gums is important not only for the sake of our mouths but the rest of our bodies too.

03 Jan 2024 , 1 Min Article

Product Updates

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Product Updates

Haleon launches all in one cold and flu nurse

The Nurses brand supports patients with their cold and flu symptoms and won Most Valuable Product award for the category.

13 Dec 2023 , 1 Min Article

Product Updates

Doctor Gut offers a natural solution

Doctor Gut is a drug-free range of products that can help treat diarrhoea, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.

28 Nov 2023 , 1 Min Article

Product Updates

An all-in-one treatment for acute and IBS diarrhoea

Enterosgel is a clinically-proven OTC intestinal adsorbent gel composed of organic mineral and water.

28 Nov 2023 , 1 Min Article

Product Updates

Sebamed baby - healthy skin, happy baby

Sebamed has dermatologically developed products specifically for a baby’s skin.

27 Jul 2023 , 1 Min Article

Product Updates

Bloccs Cast and Dressing Covers

Bloccs are a certified Class 1 Medical Device and are suitable for both adults and children.

27 Jul 2023 , 1 Min Article

Product Updates

Viagra Connect launches new TV campaign

Viagra Connect is available without prescription and can be taken daily.

18 Jul 2023 , 1 Min Article

Product Updates

Advancing the management of dry eye

HydraMed eye drops contain a unique bi-polymer of two synergistic ingredients – sodium hyaluronate (HA) and TS-polysaccharide.

15 Jun 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Product Updates

Eight-in-one dry eye revolution

Rohto Dry Aid relieves eight symptoms of dry eye and helps hydrate, protect and restore the tear film.

04 Aug 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Product Updates

‘Feel the shield’ with FUSION Allergy

Scope Healthcare has launched a natural and preservative-free hay fever treatment to relieve allergy symptoms.

04 Aug 2022 , 1 Min Article

Herp 1280.jpg
Product Updates

HERPOtherm - combatting cold sores

HERPOtherm can be used as an alternative to creams and patches to combat cold sores.

04 Aug 2022 , 1 Min Article