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New guidance says adolescents only need one dose of HPV vaccine

A single dose as good as two, says JCVI as it publishes new recommendation

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Cold snaps more deadly than heatwaves

Cold snaps kill about 75 times more people, new research finds

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Clinical services

MHRA warns companies against online advertising of Kenalog injections

Kenalog injections are not licensed for the treatment of hay fever in the UK

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Osteoarthritis increases risk of long-term co-morbidities

OA associated with many and varied comorbidities, new research indicates

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Govt delays mean PSNC can’t announce details of 2022-23 contract

Outline agreement reached earlier in summer but departmental shake-ups delaying approval

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Wales to fund extended clinical placements for pharmacy undergrads

Extra funding will rise to more than £2.7m per year by April 2025, says HEIW

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MHRA approves POM to P switch for Sudafed Plus Blocked Nose nasal spray

The product will be available from pharmacies without a prescription following the reclassification

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