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Asthma & COPD

CPD module: COPD

This module reviews COPD diagnosis and management.

13 Dec 2023 , 1 Min Module

Pain relief

CPD module: Gout

We examine the inflammatory arthritis which can be extremely painful for sufferers.

28 Nov 2023 , 1 Min Module



Update your understanding about reflux and provide reassurance and advice to parents.

13 Nov 2023 , 5 Min Module

Women's health

CPD module: Vaginal atrophy

We review vulvovaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness.

10 Oct 2023 , 1 Min Module

Screening & diagnostics

CPD module: Diagnostics

This module looks at blood pressure monitoring.

06 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Module

Sexual health

CPD Module: Contraception

We review the different types of contraception.

26 Jul 2023 , 1 Min Module

Dementia 1280.png

CPD module: dementia

This module reviews different types of dementia.

01 Jun 2023 , 1 Min Module

Education & training

Advising on acne

Bust the myths around acne causes so you can recommend effective products and self-care advice

30 May 2023 , 5 Min Module


Tackling fleas and ticks

This module will enable you to have confident conversations with customers, helping them manage fleas and ticks both on their pets and in the home.

17 May 2023 , 10 Min Module

Education & training

Treating fungal nail infections

Understand how fungal nail infections develop and help manage customer expectations around treatment

18 Apr 2023 , 10 Min Module

Dysphagia 1280.jpg
Sore throat

CPD module: dysphagia

We review the nature of dysphagia, especially with regards to medicines.

05 Apr 2023 , 1 Min Module