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Two new antimicrobial drugs set to launch in UK market

NICE issues draft recommendation for drugs developed through new 'subscription' payment model.

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Sexual health

Gay and bisexual men and over-15s to get two HPV doses

People with HIV and the immunocompromised will continue to receive three doses.

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Pharmacists to play 'essential role' in NHS pharmacogenomic testing

RPS backs new report looking at the opportunities presented by genomic testing.

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Risks of sodium-containing paracetamol highlighted

Research has linked sodium-containing paracetamol with increased risks of CVD.

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Expand NHS health checks in pharmacies to tackle obesity, report says

Five recommendations were made in the report, which was funded by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

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Substance misuse

95pc believe pharmacist naloxone supply would reduce drug deaths

Government consultation points to support for making naloxone available from pharmacies.

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