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Help with social media

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Help with social media

If you are not using social media to promote your pharmacy then it’s high time to start thinking about it. If you do have any social media accounts, then you may understand how much of a powerful and cost free tool it is.

Either way the NPA is on hand to help – having partnered up with Wordsmith, digital communications specialists, who operate across all disciplines of the online space, they can help NPA members with social media, Search Engine Optimisations (SEO), web and app development and digital advertising. Below Wordsmith share some tips to get you started on your social media journey...

1) Know your audience

Understanding your audience is key to successful digital communications and social media. First think about who might be interested in your business, but also who might help you spread the word about your business: customers, business partners and contacts, staff, local politicians and journalists.

2) Check your own backyard

You’ve likely already gathered email addresses from day to day work from people in your audience. It’s also not a hard ask to ask customers if they would like to keep up to date with your latest offers, advice and events. Create a simple mailing list, email is still a key method of generating eCommerce conversions.

Once you have an email contact or a social media follow, they are potentially an audience you can market to over and over again.

3) Content is key

Worried about what type of content to share? If you’re posting content to your noticeboard - post it online too - if it’s useful information for your in-store customers, use it online too.

Post content about the day-to-day goings on in your store with images where possible. Even if it’s just a picture of you or your staff saying ‘Good morning, here to help’, you’re advertising your store.

Another great source of content / things to talk about are your products and services - think about them in seasons and promote each at the start of a peak season or a good week or two before. Don’t ever think your customers know what you do or sell, even the more obvious ‘we do this’ statement can lead to a sale.

4) Destinations & Tracking

There’s no point doing social media or digital marketing if it doesn’t have impact. Make sure you rstly have a destination to send people - a website that either sells products or advertises your high-street business.

Make sure your website has analytics tracking software so you can see the impact of your digital marketing and social media.

5) Don’t over-share, but don’t be a stranger

There’s no specific rules about social media posting frequency, and as you try it you will get a feel for the best times to share and how often. To start we recommend:
Facebook: max 1-2 posts per day if possible.

Twitter: max 3-4 post per day
LinkedIn: max 1 post per 2 days
Mailers: 1 message per month, with additional mailers where suitable.

6) Be part of it

It’s obvious, but if you’re not using social media or digital marketing - you’re not in a space that millions of customers are!

For more information email or call 0789 868 9392.

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