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CPD module: Pharmacogenomics

We look at how pharmacogenomics will develop in the next few years and what it means for prescribers.

After completing this module, you should be more aware of:

  • What pharmacogenomics means and how it fits in with genomic medicine
  • NHS and other bodies involved in developing and rolling out genomic testing
  • The implications for pharmacogenomics under the NHS Long Term Plan
  • The concept of personalised or precision medicine
  • The National Genomic Medicine Service for England
  • The impact of drug effectiveness and adverse drug reactions on the NHS
  • The human genome and the extent and significance of genetic variation
  • The difference between genotype and phenotype and how this is used in genomic medicine testing
  • Significant gene types and how they affect medicines uptake, effect and metabolism
  • Different modes of pharmacogenomic activity with examples for common medicines.
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