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CPD module: Supporting transgender communities

We look at how transgender medicines support gender dysphoria and gender confirmation treatment.

After completing this module, you should be more aware of:

  • the estimated number of trans people in the general population
  • the proportion of people using pharmacological or surgical interventions through gender identity clinic (GIC) services
  • guidelines and formularies for gender dysphoria/confirmation treatment
  • potential legal implications when most drugs are being prescribed off-label
  • standard drugs and their doses for adults assigned female/male at birth transitioning to a masculine/feminine gender identity
  • secondary effects of the drugs used in gender confirmation
  • long-term health considerations such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular, cancer risks or fertility
  • self-treatment and the role of social media and online support forums
  • drugs that may be being used but not prescribed by clinicians, and which may have additional health risks
  • expectations on general practitioners for prescribing in primary care.
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