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Save the date: 21 November!

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Save the date: 21 November!

A political campaigning day for community pharmacy is to be held on Tuesday 21 November.

According to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC), the focus for the day will be community pharmacy and winter pressures, with the aims being to highlight all that community pharmacies do to help patients and the NHS through the winter, to warn of the risks if this is lost, and to make the case for the further development of services.

PSNC also says the campaigning day will "offer a chance to renew media and political interest in community pharmacy" and it hopes that "everyone working in community pharmacies will be able to take part and help by showcasing the vital work they are doing".

Campaigning activities on the day will include a social media campaign themed around 'pharmacy winter' and briefings with local councillors. PSNC advises community pharmacists who would like to host a briefing to get in contact with their local pharmaceutical committee (LPC). A parliamentary reception is also planned which will offer a chance for MPs to receive a medicines check, along with a short briefing on community pharmacy. PSNC says LPCs are supporting this work by inviting their local MPs and, in some cases, sending representatives to the event. Again, it suggests community pharmacists who would like to invite their MP to the reception to coordinate with their LPC.

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