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TENA upgrades core range

Product Updates

TENA upgrades core range

TENA has improved the design of its core unisex assortment.

TENA Pants Plus, Super and Maxi – all manufactured by leading hygiene and health company Essity – have a new look for 2018, with an upgraded pack design to boost awareness of the products’ latest features.

The upgrade addresses the key consumer requirements for security and comfort. A bright pink graphic on the front of each pack highlights the NEW anti-leakage barriers, now higher and softer than before.

Absorbency levels continue to be easily identifiable, with the addition of coloured threads to indicate product type – Plus is specified by a blue thread, Super by a green and Maxi by purple.

The range also has new additional elastic threads in the leg opening, for improved comfort, complementing the existing thin, pliable and breathable material which covers the whole body of the pants.

“While it is not an inevitable part of getting older, the likelihood of experiencing bladder weakness does increase with age in both sexes," says TENA training and brand manager, Donna Wilson

"Users who purchase TENA Pants are usually more accepting of their relationship with bladder weakness. They tend to be of an older demographic, with a greater possibility of reduced mobility and a less active lifestyle. At the more absorbent end of the category, this range allows these individuals to keep their dignity, without compromising on comfort.”

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Product Updates