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WE100 campaign gets under way in pharmacy

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WE100 campaign gets under way in pharmacy

Following its consumer launch in March, Merck Consumer Health’s WE100 campaign is now entering the pharmacy channel.

The global campaign is all about taking a more holistic approach to healthcare in a time when life expectancy continues to increase dramatically (today a newborn in Europe can expect to live to 100+ years). Its philosophy is rooted in the belief that if people will routinely live to be 100 years old, doing so as healthily as possible needs to be a top priority for all generations.

In the UK the focus for the campaign is on elder care, with the emphasis on keeping older people healthier and more active members of society for longer. The campaign also wants to create awareness about ageing among younger generations so they are prepared for what awaits them in future years, hence the campaign’s tag line: ‘Young for old, old for young’.

Merck believes that community pharmacy is well placed to help older customers and help drive the initiative. To support this drive, Merck is producing a CPD module: Promoting Long Healthy Lives: The Role of Pharmacy. The module focuses on diet, keeping active and mental health. It will be available later this month.

For more on the WE100 see here. 

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