To help its members gain the maximum benefit from the services they provide, pharmacy support group Numark has developed a structured programme that runs through the year defining when pharmacies and team members should focus on specific services.

It says that focusing on particular services at key times of the year can be a more successful and structured approach. The topics were chosen to reflect the most common and accessible services which pharmacies would engage with across the board. For example a focus on vaccination services throuoghout July, August and September is where flu, travel and men ACWY should be promoted.

Each separate three month period will be supported with downloadable online resources which cover:

  • Why pharmacies should look to set up and deliver these services: focus on showing the benefits to the NHS, the local community and patients but also looking the business case for each and potential return (if applicable).
  • Simple step by step guides where applicable to make setting up service straight forward.
  • How to engage with customers: tips for pharmacy teams on how to sell the services to customers: linking to health promotions where applicable as well. Simple staff guides for each service/topic
  • How to engage with stakeholders: templates letters for introducing the service to GPs, engaging with local community organisations and signposting to other services
  • Step by step guide to start up and make a success: where and how to start, checklist to work through, top tips for delivery.

You can find out more here.


GPhC consults on moving to unannounced inspections

The consultation also contains proposals to publish inspection reports for the first time.

UKCPA launches framework for diabetes pharmacists

The framework was developed to support this new area of speciality for pharmacist practice.

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