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Thea Pharma ceases to market Teoptic

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Thea Pharma ceases to market Teoptic

Thea Pharmaceuticals is withdrawing supply of Teoptic 2%, the Carteolol Beta blocker eye drop indicated ‘for the reduction of intraocular pressure e.g. in ocular hypertension, chronic open angle glaucoma, some secondary glaucomas.’

Its last supply to UK wholesalers will be at the end of August, with supplies for UK pharmacies likely to be available until the middle to the end of September, the company says.

Teoptic 2% will still be available via importation from other sources within the EU. This means there should be no interruption of patient treatment. The company maintains a large proportion of the UK prescriptions for Teoptic 2% are already fulfilled by parallel imported product.

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