Should there be a reduction in the number of LPCs?

Should there be a reduction in the number of LPCs in England? Tell us what you think.

Don’t attack the press or contractors for attending Sigma conference

There’s much to moan about but don’t attack the press for attending Sigma’s conference in the Philippines, says ICP editor Neil Trainis.

Editor's view: When it comes to mental health, pharmacy is failing

Pharmacy is failing its workers when it comes to their mental health, says ICP editor Neil Trainis.

Viewpoint: Perception is everything - isn’t it?

The lesson from January is that people’s perceptions are important, even if they don’t reflect your reality.

Legal view: Do not fall foul of GDPR

The ICO's recent decision to fine a pharmacy for failing to ensure the security of personal data is significant for pharmacies.

Should pharmacy contract proposals be discussed at LPC conference?

Should community pharmacy contractual proposals be discussed and agreed at the LPC conference?

New year, new decade, familiar concerns

Although this is supposed to be a time of optimism and renewal, one should be wary about what 2020 might bring. 

Are LPCs helping you to engage with PCNs?

Is your local pharmaceutical committee supporting you adequately as you try to engage with primary care networks?

Life is hard for many women juggling careers and family

Many pharmacy organisations still struggle to get women to take on leadership roles, says Claire Ward.

Independent pharmacist prescribers – let’s be having you!

There hasn’t been much in the press about independent pharmacist prescribers who are vital to the NHS.  

Capacity and workforce - not in the contract

Capacity and workforce are not covered in any contract framework but they could be the next big problems for the sector.

Clear approach to expertise in clinical settings needed

The rules of a GP practice are different to those in a pharmacy. Community pharmacists need to be aware of this.

We live in interesting times...

The first deadlines in the five-year CPCF have come and gone – and some hard choices are being made.

Shortages have been awful but government progress has been slow

The government has failed to use its Brexit preparations to solve some longer-term issues on medicines supply.

MURS failed because people didn’t want them!

It is very hard to be passionate about delivering a service that patients don’t engage with. 

Withering's Wisdom

September always seems to bring a rush of activity and this year has been no different. In fact, it has probably been worse...

We must tackle the causes of pharmacists' stress

Let us be tough on stress and tough on the causes of stress, says the PDA's Claire Ward.

Would you like to live forever?

A new generation of treatments none of us thought was possible could be just around the corner.

Government focus on supply alone won't solve shortages

Claire Ward: Pharmacists can review patients' medicines to reduce unnecessary polypharmacy. Are you listening Sajid Javid?

Too much reflection may be counter-productive

Revalidation and IT are areas that, on reflection, require our correspondent’s attention...    

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