Our time is our biggest strength...and weakness

Nick Kaye: Making a Covid costs claim will feel alien.

We are not happy!

A WhatsApp chat revealed relentless workloads and nursing militancy. 

Socialising is a tonic for mental health

We must stop regarding our social lives as a luxury and see it like oxygen and water, says Peter Kelly. 

Automating for a brighter future

Mohammed Hussain has looked at automation for a couple of years to improve his business's efficiency. 

Pharmacies can take the lead post-pandemic

Pharmacy can help shape and influence the provision and commissioning of more public health services, says Jeremy Meader. 

A prescription for progress   

We need to have a grown-up conversation about independent prescribing in community pharmacy, says Nick Kaye.

A perspective on transgender culture wars 

We all fight to be our true selves but we can learn and benefit from the struggle of transgender people, says Peter Kelly. 

The Covid vaccination experience 

People booking then not turning up, clotting concerns, missing patients, bribery…Terry Maguire thought he had seen it all.

Seeing the big picture

A vote in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society elections will not bring change, says Mohammed Hussain.

Pharmacists playing key Covid vaccine role

Jawn Jiang and Natasha Jones are two of many tireless pharmacists who continue to provide Covid vaccines.

Grasping the Discharge Medicines Service nettle 

Tanpreet Kaur says 75 per cent of Discharge Medicines Service referrals she receives require some form of intervention.

The pharmacy hashtag craze

The theme for #Pharmacy24 this year is pharmacy in a pandemic, says Mohammed Hussain.

The great public health revival

The products we sell in our pharmacies could make it difficult for us to help people live healthy lives, says Terry Maguire.  

The certainty of the five-year contract is disappearing

We are all tired and so are our teams. This makes the additional financial pressures and uncertainties cruel, says Nick Kaye.

Pharmacists need to prove their worth 

The pharmacy profession needs a much more comprehensive social media strategy and media infrastructure, says Peter Kelly.

We don’t deserve the uncertainty!

I'm worried about investing in my business because of the threat of the £370 million in advanced payments. 

Doing business in the pandemic 

I have been exploring business opportunities during the pandemic without much success.

Be careful what you wish for 

Friendly fire in warfare is known as ‘unintended consequences' in the NHS, says Martin Bennett.

Long Covid scares me 

I am bemused by patients who have no fear of Covid and are blasé about protecting themselves and others, says Peter Kelly. 

Covid vaccines are one of the best things I’ve done

Pharmacist Leah Davies tells ICP how she supported the Covid vaccine programme at her local independent pharmacy.

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