Shortages have been awful but government progress has been slow

The government has failed to use its Brexit preparations to solve some longer-term issues on medicines supply.

MURS failed because people didn’t want them!

It is very hard to be passionate about delivering a service that patients don’t engage with. 

Withering's Wisdom

September always seems to bring a rush of activity and this year has been no different. In fact, it has probably been worse...

We must tackle the causes of pharmacists' stress

Let us be tough on stress and tough on the causes of stress, says the PDA's Claire Ward.

Would you like to live forever?

A new generation of treatments none of us thought was possible could be just around the corner.

Government focus on supply alone won't solve shortages

Claire Ward: Pharmacists can review patients' medicines to reduce unnecessary polypharmacy. Are you listening Sajid Javid?

Too much reflection may be counter-productive

Revalidation and IT are areas that, on reflection, require our correspondent’s attention...    

Dealing with difficult patients in pharmacy

Community pharmacists must train themselves not to see everything as being about them, says Peter Kelly. 

Lots of detail still to come on five-year pharmacy deal

The five-year CPCF deal is like a curate’s egg - there's an awful lot of the detail still to come.

Brexit has shunted pharmacy to the back seat

Given the focus on Brexit, pharmacy might be waiting a while to find a slot in the parliamentary timetable, says Claire Ward.

Did Prozac really reduce violent crime?

Prozac has helped reduce the stigma attached to depression but did it help reduce violent crime?

Regan and Reena are great role-models. We need more women

More women involved in pharmacy leadership positions should be seen as a benefit not a threat, says Claire Ward.

Opinions not facts will get us nowhere!

Sid Dajani: When Sandra Gidley said community pharmacies don’t make the best use of technicians she got it wrong. 

Prescription puzzles

There is a problem with overprescribing of opioids but is it to do with the law of unintended consequences?

England should take leaf out of Wales' pharmacy book

There are challenges in Wales but there is much that can be learned about its approach to pharmacy, says Claire Ward.

The pharmacy elephant in the room

Primary care networks are bonkers. It’s old thinking, old ways of failure and old strategy, says Sid Dajani. 

Consultation? Where? Who? When?

The apprenticeship trailblazer group is still unknown. Boots, Well, Lloydspharmacy, Superdrug...what a reticent bunch!

We need cross-sector talks on apprenticeships

Does the apprenticeship trailblazer group really think pharmacists shouldn't diagnose and manage care, asks Claire Ward.

Pharmacy apprenticeship conundrum

Negativity has greeted apprenticeships. Is this because people don’t understand them, asks Pharmacist Spectator.

Creating a workplace without discrimination

Posts on the Women in Pharmacy Facebook group show that members still face discrimination, says Deborah Evans.

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