RB sets screen-dry eye in its sights

RB is embarking on a new campaign to raise awareness of the potential increase of screen-dry eye cases and to ensure that pharmacy teams are equipped to advise their customers.

Although dry eye was historically thought to be a problem for the over 50s, the manufacturer of Optrex believes that the digital age may be leading to a changing sufferer profile, affecting many more people at a younger age.

RB says that the average person now spends approximately eight hours a day looking at screens and that the amount of time spent using these devices has been associated with the prevalence of dry eye syndrome even in children.

RB’s multi-faceted campaign will focus on pharmacy education, maximising consumer awareness and includes a partnership with National Eye Health Week  which runs 18-24 September 2017.

A full pharmacy support pack, developed in conjunction with eye care specialists, pharmacists, and clinicians, will be distributed to all community pharmacies in early September.

The support pack will include a training guide, pharmacy window posters and advisor badges to help pharmacy become ‘repair centres’ for screen-dry eye. Pharmacies can also register for a free webinar training being offered on 5-7 September (see www.rbforhealth.co.uk/screens for more).

In addition, a partnership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society will provide training for the pharmacy team via a training guide and an online learning hub. Consumers will also be engaged via a national TV ‘screen eyes’ campaign.

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