Product Updates

Bodyform aims to break "period taboo"

The #bloodnormal film portrays a series of true-to-life references to periods.

On doctor's orders

Steve Ainsworth works up a thirst exploring the roots of a $2.6bn brand.

Mumsnet recommends Metanium

For the fourth year running Metanium has won the mumsnet Best award.

Compresses for breastfeeding mothers

The patches are impregnated with the patented 2QR-complex, a polysaccharide derived from aloe vera.

Goat milk option

Fully regulated and clinically proven, NANNYcare is the only goat milk formula supported by two clinical studies.

Colief for colic

On the market for over 15 years, the drops are the most commonly prescribed colic remedy.

Dr Brown's for colicky symptoms

Dr Brown’s is the only truly preventative colic-bottle on the market.

Herbal teething remedy

The powders have been shown by IRI pharmacy volume sales data to be Britain’s No1 teething remedy.

New for Niquitin

There is a combination of three mint flavours: eucamenthol, levomenthol and optacool.

Surviving winter

Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-strain Formula contains 14 live bacteria cultures.

Numbing sore throat pain

The product is being supported with a national outdoor advertising “Surprised Faces” campaign from November.

GSK invests in portfolio

Day & Night Nurse TV advertising supports the brand’s messaging of “Strong Stuff’ while Beechams “Blanket Man” is making a return.

Eye products a benefit

All are suitable for use with contact lenses, have the same pH as tear fluid and are isotonic.

Epistatus (midazolam) now available

Epistatus is presented “ready-to-use” in a pre-filled, single-dose syringe.

New disposable astigmatism lenses

They are, says the company, innovative toric lenses delivering consistently clear vision throughout the day.

Relief with heat patches

They work by increasing blood flow to the affected area and relaxing tired, sore muscles.

Pain relief from Salonpas

The patch uses a transdermal drug delivery system to deliver two ingredients, methyl salicylate and levomenthol.

Dealing with dull pain

The heat patches are particularly suited for those who experience dull, continuous back and shoulder pain.

Compression support from Sigma

The products provide “firm yet comfortable support with the added anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving property of copper”.

New Voltarol heat patch

The launch is being supported by Voltarol sponsorship of the TV show Britain by Bike.
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Latest News

Save the date: 21 November!

A political campaigning day for community pharmacy is being organised.

PDA and NPA urge safety first in supervision debate

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Save the date: 21 November!

A political campaigning day for community pharmacy is being organised.

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