CPD Module: Travelling right


  • Goal and objectives
  • Overview
  • Encouraging concordance
  • Adherence: hepatitis A and A&B
  • Specific information needs
  • NICE advice
  • Think global
  • Guidance
  • Further information
  • References
  • Action & Evaluation

Goal and objectives


To look at the diseases covered in standard travel health vaccine programmes


After completing this module, you should be more aware of:

·       The prevalence of vaccine preventable diseases being brought back to the UK;

·       The level of morbidity and mortality worldwide for these diseases;

·       Reasons why healthcare professional recommendation is important;

·       Why people making pre-travel health enquiries may decline a vaccine;

·       Adherence levels for vaccination courses in travel health settings;

·       Updated NICE guidance on travel vaccination and on training and education around immunisation.