The first, simple to use, step-by-step “check yourself” testicular cancer app has been launched by testicular cancer charity The Oddballs Foundation.

"This is the most common cancer for males aged 18 to 35 and unless we get a reminder, most of us just don’t think about it," said Stephen Harper, patron of the Foundation and former Premier League footballer.
"Guys, we’ve all got our phones in our hands, so come on, download the app now. It’s so simple, you even get a reminder to check yourself once a month, so you can’t forget. This could save your life, your son’s life, your father or grandson’s life. It’s that important."  

Each month a celebrity will encourage users to check themselves. This will be done through a video on the app. 

The first video comes from football hero Alan Shearer.  The app will send an alert once a month to encourage users to check themselves with the 'how to guide. 

January's video will feature international rugby referee Nigel Owens.


With 16,000 new cases diagnosed in the UK every year, early detection means 95% of males will make a complete recovery. 


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