video learning

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Skin Hydration Emollients

Learn how to recommend the most suitable emollient for your customers in this interactive video

5 Min Module

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Tackling myths about diarrhoea

This short video explores the myths around diarrhoea management so you can better support customers who are affected

3 Min Module

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Supporting customers with hayfever

Update your knowledge on a POM to GSL hayfever switch with this short video

5 Min Module

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Supporting customers with haemorrhoids

Learn how to help customers ease the discomfort of haemorrhoids with suitable recommendations and self-care advice

5 Min Module

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Joint pain and stiffness

Learn about the causes of osteoarthritis and how customers can manage symptoms

2 Min Module

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E-cigarettes Vuse

This video will help you separate the facts from the myths surrounding e-cigarettes

2 Min Module