Stay Well urges parents to use pharmacies


Stay Well urges parents to use pharmacies

NHS England has launched a new Stay Well campaign aimed at encouraging parents with young children to use community pharmacies rather than visiting their GP for minor health ailments.

Running from 12 February to 26 March, the campaign includes television advertising, posters and leaftlets, social media activity and a media partnership with NetMums. 

Campaign materials are available for community pharmacies, featuring real community pharmacy team members along with prominent green cross imaging. The campaign materials explain to parents that they can speak to the community pharmacy team about a range of minor health concerns.

Dr Bruce Warner, Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England said: “Pharmacists are highly trained NHS health professionals who are able to offer clinical advice and effective treatments for a wide range of minor health concerns right there and then. They can assess symptoms and recommend the best course of treatment or simply provide reassurance, for instance when a minor illness will get better on its own with a few days’ rest.

"However, if symptoms suggest it’s something more serious, they have the right clinical training to ensure people get the help they need. We want to help the public get the most effective use of these skilled clinicians who are available every day of the week.”

The downloadable publicity material is available here.

John Smith, Propretary Association of Great Britian chief executive commented: “PAGB and its member companies will be fully supporting the new “Stay Well Pharmacy” campaign. Pharmacists are ideally placed to give people advice and support them to self care for minor health concerns, ensuring they get fast access to effective treatments, without the need to wait for a GP appointment or visit A&E.

"Not only is this better for the individual, but it saves NHS resources and GP’s time for the people who really need it. We’re delighted, therefore, that the Stay Well Pharmacy campaign will signpost people to visit their local pharmacy and hope lots more people will make the pharmacist their first port of call for advice on treating their minor health concerns.”


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