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What can you do to help?

As you watched this video, you may have considered what impact living and working through the pandemic has had on you, your team and your customers.

Ideas to consider

  1. It may help to educate customers on the mental health impact of Covid-19, how common this is and that it is nothing to be embarrassed about. You could display information posters with signposting to further resources and highlight the availability of the pharmacist for anyone seeking help

  2. Encourage customers to maintain any healthy habits that they may have developed over the lockdown (or take up new ones). You can also let them know that healthy lifestyle advice is available from your team

  3. Consider training your team to be able to signpost confidently and empathetically

  4. Link up with local mental health charities and therapists/counsellors to identify what support is available in the local area

  5. Continue to work with other local HCPs to deliver effective services

  6. Research current strategies for the management of long covid;
    talk to customers about long covid and its possible impact

  7. Work with customers to ensure they are confident about medicines use to manage their health

  8. Listen out for signs of stress that are causing them to seek OTC products to manage symptoms, such as gastrointestinal issues or erection problems

  9. Consider how to look after your team's mental health; for example, looking for signs of stress, listening to their concerns, checking they are taking adequate breaks from work

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