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Over 10% of patients not receiving valproate cards from pharmacies

Safety requirements for sodium valproate still not being met, says NHS England

11 Aug 2022 , 1 Min Article


Pharma companies fined £70m for ramping up phenytoin prices 2,500%

Pfizer and Flynn must face the consequences, says markets watchdog

21 Jul 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Epilepsy teen gets cannabis care plan in NHS first

A teenager with severe epilepsy has been prescribed cannabis oil as part of the first NHS care plan of its kind.

19 Oct 2020 , 1 Min Article


NICE fast-tracks epilepsy recommendation

Doctors can prescribe Epidyolex with clobazam, a seizure-preventing cannabis-based treatment.

15 Jan 2020 , 1 Min Article

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First cannabis-based medicines approved for reimbursement

Pharmacists in England are to be reimbursed for dispensing cannabis-based products for the first time.

11 Nov 2019 , 1 Min Article


European authorities approve cannabis-based medicine for epilepsy

European authorities have for the first time approved a cannabis-based medicine for use in severe childhood epilepsy.

23 Sep 2019 , 1 Min Article


‘Not enough evidence’ to recommend cannabis says NICE

NICE has decided not to recommend the use of cannabis-based medicines in severe treatment-resistant epilepsy.

08 Aug 2019 , 2 Min Article