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Stop Smoking Support

Make the right recommendations to support customers to stop smoking

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Vaping in young adults does not lead to regular smoking, claims study

The researchers estimated one in 10 teenagers who use e-cigarettes will go on to smoke consistently.

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Stop smoking hospital referral service to start on March 10

PSNC expects a slow start to the service, with NHS trusts signing up over a two-year timeframe.

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Survey will assess pupils' attitudes towards smoking, alcohol and drugs

Around one thousand schools in England will be randomly selected by the government.

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Smoking cessation

Study finds rise in young adult smokers and drinkers during first lockdown

There was a 25 per cent increase in 18 to 34-year-old smokers in England.

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Smoking rates greater in poorer households

A study finds a strong link between poverty and higher smoking rates.

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