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GPhC launches consultation on practice standards


GPhC launches consultation on practice standards

The General Pharmaceutical Council is asking members of the public and pharmacy professionals to respond to its consultation on nine proposed new standards for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The proposed standards will replace the standards of conduct, ethics and performance as well as existing codes of conduct pharmacy students and trainees. They "represent an approach to regulation that promotes professional decision-making and encourages pharmacy professionals to consider how they can provide person-centred care, whatever their area of practice," according to the GPhC.

Key changes to the standards and accompanying guidance include:

  • Strengthening the standard and guidance about pharmacy professionals speaking up when they have concerns or when things go wrong
  • Emphasising that empathy and compassion are a key part of acting professionally and providing safe and effective care.

GPhC chair Nigel Clarke said: "These standards are at the heart of what it means to be a pharmacy professional and set out what we believe pharmacy professionals need to do to help people to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing. This includes emphasising the need to provide person-centred care, focusing on the individual person, their needs and what matters to them. It is important that individual pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and members of the public read the proposed standards and let us know if they agree with our approach."

The proposed standards are:

  1. Pharmacy professionals must provide person-centred care
  2. Pharmacy professionals must work in partnership with others
  3. Pharmacy professionals must communicate effectively
  4. Pharmacy professionals must maintain, develop and use their professional knowledge and skills
  5. Pharmacy professionals must use their professional judgement
  6. Pharmacy professionals must behave in a professional manner
  7. Pharmacy professionals must respect and maintain the person’s confidentiality and privacy
  8. Pharmacy professionals must speak up when they have concerns or when things go wrong
  9. Pharmacy professionals must demonstrate effective leadership.


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