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Supporting good health with Rescue

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Supporting good health with Rescue

The new Balance & Positivity capsules from Rescue are designed to support positivity and help stay balanced throughout busy days.Using unique ingredient blends with natural flower essences, this new innovative product will appeal to the growing consumer group seeking natural products for their everyday wellness routine.
Featuring the emotion and mood balancing botanical saffron, L-theanine and vegan sourced B Vitamins, the new Balance & Positivity capsules:
• Help maintain a positive outlook and contribute to a normal healthy mood.
• Help balance emotions throughout busy days, so you are ready for whatever the day holds.
The Balance & Positivity capsules are part of the naturally inspired wellbeing collection, launched by Rescue last autumn, offering a uniquely effective holistic approach in the sleep and stress categories.
The innovative collection is aimed at answering a considerable unmet consumer demand for natural support in preparing for sleep, emotional balance and mood and focusing the mind.

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