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Physicool UK launches two new brands

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Physicool UK launches two new brands

Physicool UK is best known for launching the world’s first reusable cooling bandage, which is popular with both healthcare professionals and patients that are recovering from joint surgery or sports injuries.

Following this it successfully introduced Rapid Cooling Mist to treat hot flushes, the most commonly reported symptom suffered by post-menopausal women.

Now the company has launched 2 hand care products designed to be different to all those that are already on the market.

eXtreme-Protect organic hand sanitising balm is kind to your hands. Perfect for people that get dry, sore hands through excessive washing with soap or use of alcohol gels.

Alcohol gels breakdown the natural oils in the skin, and don’t provide protection after the gel dries. eXtreme-Protect uses natural lactose and Bio-flavonoids to breakdown viruses and kill toxins, protection for up to 4 hours. Dermatitis cases and legal claims for occupational dermatitis are on the rise and this product will address one of the main causes.

eXtreme-Clean is ground-breaking. An organic hand cleansing gel that dries as you rub it between your hands, going viscose then rubbery, peeling away as you continue to rub, until dirt and germs fall away.

Now you can clean your hands anywhere that you are without towels or wipes. So it is great for the environment and perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, but you really do need to try it to see exactly how the magic formula actually works.

For more information contact us direct on or call 0207 101 1977.

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