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London's Science Museum showcases disease breathalyzer

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London's Science Museum showcases disease breathalyzer

Owlstone Medical's disease breathalyzer, ReCIVA, has been selected to feature in the Tomorrow’s World gallery at the Science Museum, London.

The diagnostic company's CE-marked ReCIVA Breath Sampler forms part of the company’s Breath Biopsy platform, which analyzes biomarkers from breath to diagnose disease. ReCIVA is used to collect samples of breath from a patient, completely non-invasively, and analyze them with high sensitivity and selectivity.

Each exhaled breath contains a rich spectrum of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) produced by the body’s metabolism that relate directly to disease activity. When analyzed, this information can enable early diagnosis and provide important insights for patient stratification, helping to ensure that the right therapy is given to the right patient at the right time, to improve clinical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Billy Boyle, co-founder and CEO at Owlstone Medical commented: “Our Breath Biopsy platform presents a new approach to detect disease earlier and make better treatment decisions for patients.

"The ReCIVA Breath Sampler is a reliable and reproducible way to capture VOC biomarkers in breath samples, which can be sent to Owlstone Medical’s clinical laboratory in Cambridge for analysis. The technology is already in use in over 60 research and clinical labs globally, and we are honoured that it has been selected to feature in the Science Museum’s Tomorrow’s World gallery.”

*Picture above courtesy of the Science Museum

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