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Serving the community in Balintore

Pharmacy Awards

Serving the community in Balintore

Fiona Johnston, a pharmacy technician at the Right Medicine pharmacy in Balintore, Easter Ross, was the winner of this year’s Key Staff Award.

Mrs Johnston has worked in the pharmacy for five years, after previously assisting in her husband’s veterinary practice. She started out as a counter assistant and quickly progressed to qualification as a technician.

Balintore is in the Scottish Highlands and the nearest doctor is several miles away, meaning it is difficult for people to access an appointment with a GP. “Fiona is always on hand to give platinum advice to patients and assist with any other requirements they may have,” said Richard Stephenson, head of retail and operations at Right Medicine Pharmacy.

Fiona Johnston receives her award from Dr Bruce Warner and Sam Sims of RB UK

Mrs Johnston recently helped a mother and young child who missed their bus after picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. She took them home by car during her break so they could wait for the next bus in two  hours’ time in comfort.

Pharmacist at Balintore Margaret Mathieson said: “Fiona has become a key member of our small pharmacy team. She led the charge to enroll as many regular customers as possible onto the minor ailments and chronic medication services, and her customer care skills were key to the success of this.

“She is very popular with our customers and she often goes above and beyond
the call of duty in her job. She has received lobsters, mackerel, scones, wine, chocolates and pancakes over the past few months from grateful customers.

“All the regular locums praise her work ethic and are disappointed if she is not on duty with them. She is really positive and professional when I delegate new tasks to her and she has proven competent and capable of doing them well. She stepped up and helped the pharmacy run smoothly and efficiently during my four weeks’ sick leave and is a fantastic asset to our team and our community.”

Presenting the award, Sam Sims, RB’s commercial manager for field sales, said that RB had been a long-standing supporter of the award.

Mrs Johnston paid tribute to her pharmacy manager and said that, for
the future, she would like to become an accredited checking technician. She hoped that the pharmacy would go from strength to strength, which was important for the community.

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Pharmacy Awards