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Shout about your innovation by entering our Awards

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Shout about your innovation by entering our Awards

This year's Independent Pharmacy Awards is getting closer and we are calling on pharmacies to enter our innovation category which celebrates pharmacists' ability to think outside the box to support their patients.

The Awards will take place on October 8 at the House of Commons, Covid restrictions-permitting and has five categories including the Innovation Award. The other categories are Independent Pharmacist of the Year, the Extra Mile Award, Pharmacy Team of the Year and Best Supporting Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC, CP(HB) committee, LHB forum or LCG).

The Innovation Award is open to candidates who have put new ideas into practice to move their business forward or help it cope during the pandemic. 

The Award will also celebrate how candidates have developed a new service and engaged with their Primary Care Network or other pharmacies to deliver patient benefits.

The Award is open to any independent pharmacy or small pharmacy business with 12 or fewer branches across the UK. The main part of the innovation must have been delivered between January 2020 and June 2021.

The innovation may relate to a single pharmacy or something that has been applied across a number of branches.

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