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Get behind the Pharmacist Support ACTNow campaign

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Get behind the Pharmacist Support ACTNow campaign


Independent Community Pharmacist is proud to support the Pharmacist Support ACTNow campaign which is designed to raise awareness about the importance of well-being and encourage individuals to:


·      Allow time for wellbeing

·      Consider needs of your colleagues

·      Take action


A Wardley Wellbeing Hub has been created as the central point for information for the campaign – a place to access a range of wellbeing resources at a time that works for you.

It can help you to manage those everyday pressures and worries.

By signing up to the Wardley Wellbeing Hub, you’ll have free and unlimited access to a range of wellbeing resources including:


·      Self-study wellbeing modules

·      Guidance on managing your mental health

·      Downloadable and printable resources to use with your team

·      Tips and advice from your pharmacist family across the country

·      News and updates across the pharmacy sector

·      Info about other useful tools and apps


Your Stories

Has your day-to-day life changed since the start of the pandemic? Do you have a story about how it’s changed that you could share with pharmacy colleagues across the country? Could your story support others and share the message ‘you are not alone?’

If so, Pharmacist Support wants to hear from you! We are proud partners of the ACTNow campaign which prioritises and champions the wellbeing of people working and studying in the pharmacy profession.

As part of the ACTNow campaign, Pharmacist Support is documenting how the lives of those across our pharmacy family have been affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic and offer advice on how to safeguard wellbeing.

If you would like to get involved and share your story, get in touch with Pharmacist Support here.

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