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Numark has developed a range of comprehensive resources designed to help its members set up and establish a professional Sore Throat Test and Treat Service.

According to Numark, during the winter season approximately 1.2 million people visit their GP for sore throats. Most are due to viral infections where symptomatic relief is the only treatment  and easily available from community pharmacy. 

The ‘test and treat’ service is able to identify if a sore throat is due to a Streptococcus A bacterial infection and if appropriate, provide antibiotic treatment via a patient group direction (PGD) or an independent prescriber (IP).  

The organisation can provide a number of downloadable resources which include:

  • ‘How to take a Throat Swab’ training module
  • Service implementation checklist
  • Staff Workbook
  • Staff Briefing Sheet
  • Suitability Checklist
  • Competency Checklist
  • SOP
  • Patient Journey
  • Client Consent and Record Form
  • GP Referral Letter
  • GP Implementation Letter
  • Pharmacy Audit
  • Marketing Materials
  • partnership with Pharmadoctor Numark can also provide a range of practical resources to help members deliver their service, these include:

In partnership with Pharmadoctor, Numark can also provide a range of practical resources to help deliver the service including a Sore Throat PGD and Strep A Diagnostic kit.


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