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Your Questions Answered - July

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Your Questions Answered - July

A selection of recent members’ questions focusing on the changes to the Accuracy in Dispensing (AID) course.

Q: What are the changes coming into play from 2 July 2018 regarding reaccreditation for ACPTs with an NPA certificate?

A: With the new GPhC revalidation process, the responsibility of using, maintaining and developing professional skills lies with the GPhC registered pharmacy professional. Therefore, ACPTs are no longer required to submit their portfolio to their training provider for reaccreditation every two years from 2 July 2018.

Q: How have the changes stipulated by the GPhC impacted level two accuracy checking dispensing assistants?

A: Only GPhC registrants are impacted by changes made by the GPhC – dispensing assistants issued with an accuracy checking certificate by the NPA will still require reaccreditation with the NPA every two years.

Q: Will the changes stipulated by the GPhC impact accuracy checkers who are pharmacy technicians in Northern Ireland?

A: Many pharmacy technicians in Northern Ireland are not registered with the GPhC, therefore, this change will not impact them – accuracy checking pharmacy technicians in Northern Ireland enrolled onto the NPA course will still require reaccreditation of their accuracy checking with the NPA every two years.

Q: When are the changes to the reaccreditation process with the NPA expected to take place?

A: The changes to the NPA AID course will take place from 2 July 2018. Until this date, ACPTs are expected to keep their NPA reaccreditation portfolio up-to-date. If the certificate expires before 2 July 2018, it is recommended that the reaccreditation portfolio is submitted to the NPA for review – a new certificate will be issued without an expiry date.

Q: The ACPT’s NPA accuracy checking certi cate states it is only valid for two years; will the NPA issue a new certificate?

A: No. It is nationally recognised that ongoing reaccreditation with the training provider is not a mandatory requirement for ACPTs. Therefore, expired certi cates should not place restrictions to conduct final accuracy checks and the discretion remains with the responsible pharmacist (RP).

Q: What happens if a pharmacy technician has initiated the AID course with the NPA, or is due to enrol, but has yet to be certified?

A: The ACPT will be issued a certi cate for accuracy checking without an expiry date if the AID course is completed:

  • Between now and 2 July 2018
  • On or after 2 July 2018

Q: What is the process for ACPTs who have been issued with a three month interim certi cate for accuracy checking?

A: ACPTswhohavebeenissuedwithathreemonthinterim certi cate should complete the interim reaccreditation portfolio and submit it to the NPA, regardless of the submission being before or after 2 July 2018. This provides an opportunity for feedback, followed by the issue of an accuracy checking certificate without an expiry date.

Q: The trainee and tutor packs have information on reaccreditation with the NPA; is this still valid?

A: Current information on reaccreditation by the NPA will not apply to ACPTs. New versions of the trainee and tutor packs will be available from 2 July 2018, directing newly certi ed ACPTs to support tools available from the NPA to maintain their competence.

Q: What support is available from the NPA following withdrawal of the mandatory requirement of ACPTs to reaccredit with the NPA?

A: Although ACPTs do not have to keep a mandatory log of evidence to submit to the training provider, it is recommended that regular logs are still completed to demonstrate ongoing competence.

  • On 2 July 2018, the new ACPT Competency Toolkit will be launched which will provide further information on the changes and maintaining competence.
  • Additionally, an ACPT Competency Workbook will also be launched to refresh current knowledge with the aim of identifying gaps for further learning and development as stated within the Skills for Health National Occupational Standard, “PHARM28: Undertake the nal accuracy check of dispensed medicines and products” – the workbook will be available for an additional cost.
  • A new certificate without an expiry date will be issued upon the completion of the ACPT Competency Workbook.

Q: Is there an option for ACPTs to continue reaccrediting their accuracy checking with the NPA?

A: Yes. As the RP remains potentially liable for unintentional dispensing errors, the NPA understand some employers may require support in this area, so the option to continue reaccrediting with the NPA remains. A certi cate will still be issued, which will remain valid inde nitely, but the date of issue on the certi cate will be updated following each submission. The cost for reaccreditation to NPA members is £60 +VAT (£72) and to non-members/associates, the cost for reaccreditation is £90 +VAT (£108).

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