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The NPA responds to consultations from the GPhC and LGA

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The NPA responds to consultations from the GPhC and LGA

The NPA frequently responds to policy consultations on behalf of members

LGA ‘Helping People Look After Themselves’

The NPA has commented on the publication of the Local Government Association report ‘Helping People Look After Themselves’. The key points stressed were that millions of GP consultations relate to common ailments which could instead be dealt with by self-care and support from local pharmacies; and that Government cuts to pharmacy funding from December will reduce access to pharmacy services and put even more pressure on overstretched GPs and hospitals.

GPhC revised standards, pharmacy technicians

The GPhC is consulting on revised standards for the initial education and training (IET) of pharmacy technicians. The aim of the revised standards is to ensure that early career pharmacy technicians continue to be equipped both with the knowledge, skills and competence to perform their role, and also the professionalism and decision making capability necessary to be a healthcare professional. The NPA will be responding over the next few weeks, and welcome your views.

Health Services Medical Supplies (costs) Bill

This bill relates to the cost of health service medicines and the gathering of relevant information from all those in the medicines supply chain. The NPA is analysing the bill and its potential impact on members.

Health and Social Care Transformation – Criteria for Reconfiguring Health and Social Care Services

Following on from the launch of the 100year vision to transform local health and social care, a consultation
has been announced on the seven criteria being proposed for reconfiguring the service, and will run until 20 January 2017. If you have comments contact the NPA Northern Ireland Representation Manager at

For more information contact Helga Mangion, NPA Policy Manager, on 01727 858 687 ext 3376 or

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