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Optimising business performance after the cuts

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Optimising business performance after the cuts

A new NPA resource illustrates the impact that funding cuts in England might have on two different community pharmacies (A and B). Below is an extract from the case study of Pharmacy A

The nearest pharmacy to Pharmacy A is situated 0.9 miles away. Pharmacy A dispenses 6,000 items a month on average, and provides two Advanced Services – MUR and NMS.

How will the funding changes affect Pharmacy A’s income from providing NHS Essential Services?

Based on the Indicative Income tables published by the PSNC, Pharmacy A’s income will face a reduction of nearly £2,500 per month from December 2016, compared with November 2016.Whilst the monthly amount received is expected to rise from April 2017, this will still be nearly £2,300 less than the payment for November 2016.

How can Pharmacy A boost its income from providing NHS Essential Services?

The owner/superintendent of Pharmacy A should consider the following options:

  • Pharmacy Access Scheme. Pharmacy A has not been included on the list of eligible pharmacies. However, Pharmacy A may have grounds to apply for a review.
  • Quality payments scheme. The pharmacy team at Pharmacy A needs to ensure that it meets all of the gateway criteria. The criteria should be explained to the whole team and individuals assigned particular responsibilities to ensure that the criteria are met – these should be non-negotiable objectives.
  • Staff engagement. Pharmacy A should get the whole pharmacy team involved in meeting the gateway criteria and quality criteria.
  • Drug Tariff. Pharmacy A should ensure that it is receiving all the income it is entitled to from providing NHS Essential Services, by making sure that all prescriptions are endorsed and submitted correctly.

There are many more steps the pharmacy team at Pharmacy A can take to improve the business performance and income. For information on these, download the full case study at


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