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Optimise business performance with Check34

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Optimise business performance with Check34

The NPA’s Check34 resources cover 13 KPIs. In this edition, we include an extract on the first KPI: ‘Number of items’

Submission of prescriptions:
Consider the following points that may affect the number of items dispensed:

  • Resolve all outstanding queries on prescriptions so that they can be included in the relevant month’s submission.
  • Ensure all prescriptions for emergency supply at the request of the prescriber are furnished in time for submission of prescriptions.
  • Ensure prescriptions are submitted no later than the fifth day of the month following that in which the medicine was collected by the patient. If prescriptions are sent later than the fifth, this will affect the calculation of the advance payment the contractor will receive.
  • Ensure Repeat Authorisation (RA) forms or item numbers have not been included in the number of items and forms declared on the FP34C submission documents.
  • In Part 1 of the FP34C submission document, ensure you declare the combined total of electronic claim messages and paper FP10 items to be submitted; and the combined total of electronic prescriptions and paper FP10 forms to be submitted.

The NPA has produced a series of resources relating to each KPI to use alongside the Check34 platform. Other areas covered include:

  • expensive items
  • zero discount
  • average item value
  • number of working hours declared vs required.

Resources can be downloaded from the NPA website.

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