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NPA's pharmacy business planner

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NPA's pharmacy business planner

The NPA has launched the latest in a suite of practical tools that help independent pharmacies meet the business challenges presented by funding cuts in England

The Pharmacy Business Planner (PBP) is a web-based simulator of a ‘typical’ community pharmacy in England, and pharmacy owners can adjust the model to more closely reflect their own pharmacy’s particular circumstances.

The modelling takes into account not just the income generated by the services and dispensing that the pharmacy undertakes, but also estimates the costs of providing those services to provide a net income indicator. Impacts of the recent funding changes in England are clearly illustrated.

Although we continue to challenge the funding imposition, in Parliament and in the High Court, this is undoubtedly a difficult period for community pharmacy and all pharmacies should conduct regular and informed business analysis.

The NPA’s Pharmacy Business Planner is one of many business products available free of charge to NPA members, to help you analyse your business affairs and maintain a profitable bottom line.

Members can access the NPA’s Pharmacy Business Planner by visiting business-support/pharmacy-business-planner/.

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