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Hand-held wifi in Scotland

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Hand-held wifi in Scotland

Pharmacy Hand Held Device NHS WiFi Access to the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) will be extended in pharmacies this year, to include hand held devices such as iPads and tablets. There will be financial support for each pharmacy to purchase a tablet of a minimum of £150.

Details on claiming this support will follow. Each pharmacy is required to complete an online survey and to designate a Guest Administrator who will be responsible for the addition of devices.

The WiFi is to be used for connection to the NHS network and not to the internet. Due to the complexity for the NHS to provide a suitable antivirus (A/V) service, this is being withdrawn from community pharmacies as of 1 April. All Pharmacy Contractors must make suitable A/V provision before 1 April.

The NHS suggests that the PMR supplier should be the first port of call for A/V provision.

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