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Election to the NPA Board of Management 2018

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Election to the NPA Board of Management 2018

The Board is responsible for managing the NPA, which is run by its members, for its members.

Elections to all 17 regions of the NPA’s Board of Management will take place in 2018. All current members of the NPA Board will stand down on 31 March 2018 and those elected to the new Board will be announced on 10 April. The first meeting of the Board will take place on 23 April 2018.

How can NPA Members get involved in the Board elections?

Every NPA member will be able to cast a vote, on a regional basis, for a Board member to represent them. All NPA members are eligible to stand for election in the 2018-2022 NPA Board of Management Election.

What does the role of NPA Board member involve?

The NPA Board sets the policy, strategic direction and objectives for the Association. Board members are expected to contribute to debate in sharing ideas and deliver fresh thinking throughout the period of their service. In addtion to NPA Board meetings, Board members also participate in Standing Comittees and/or Working Groups of the Board. Overall, the remit is to ensure that the NPA is advancing the interests of independent community pharmacy owners, to the benefit ultimately of patients and communities.

What’s the time commitment in being a Board member?

The role is a part-time voluntary post. Board members will be required to commit to approximately four days per month – for attending Board and Standing Committee meetings, plus research, reflection and consideration of the Board paper, agendas and recommendations on actions for decision. Whilst this is not a paid role, all expenses are met.

What skills or qualities do I need to be an NPA Board member?

Effectiveness in the role requires sound judgement of policy, business affairs, good communication and influencing skills. As the NPA Board governs the Association and sets the strategic direction of the NPA, it’s important that Board members have a high level of understanding about the needs and aspirations of the Association’s full membership, and have a genuine desire to work actively to help community pharmacy thrive across the UK. 

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