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Category M clawback effects

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Category M clawback effects

A message from NPA chairman Ian Strachan

First and foremost I am a contractor. And, like you, I am acutely aware of the diffi culties we are all enduring, as a result of financial pressures. It feels unjust and unnecessary, as community pharmacy could-be and should-be the solution to so many of the challenges facing the NHS.

At the NPA, we continue to campaign vigorously for investment in community pharmacy, with the confidence of knowing that the network can deliver dramatic improvements for patients and the health service. We are talking to government at senior levels, to achieve a change in policy direction and secure a sustainable future for independent pharmacy.

It is also crucial that we confront the realities facing pharmacy businesses in England as the £15m of cuts per month for a 12 month period begin to feed through the system. Pharmacies can expect an unprecedented fall in remuneration as the August 2017 Category M reduction becomes a reality. Depending on the individual circumstances of each pharmacy some could be experiencing a negative reimbursement for the fi rst time. I appeal to all members to reach out to the NPA, especially if you are struggling to manage. We have a number of support tools to help you so please don’t feel you are alone.

Please get in touch if you have any concerns at all about current cash fl ow or the future viability of your pharmacy business. Contact us at fundingsos@npa., or through your normal communications channels.

Finally, I want to reaffirm to all of you that our political campaign to secure the future of independent community pharmacy is far from over. Our mission must be to retain the network of community pharmacies and to exploit the huge benefi ts for patients of retaining supply and service together. We see a sustainable future in which community pharmacies are better integrated with other services, operating effi ciently as neighbourhood health and well-being centres and being a front door to the NHS.

Stay close to the NPA during these challenging times – we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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