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Campaign to secure your future

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Campaign to secure your future

As this edition of NPA Essential goes to print, the Downing Street petition has collected nearly a million signatures.

The numbers are rising by an average 25,000 signatures every day.

Ian Strachan, NPA Chairman said: “We warned the Government that this wasn’t going to be the walk in the park they were perhaps expecting. We’re not done yet. It must be made very clear to the Department of Health that its plans are not acceptable to patients and concerned citizens across the country. If we can keep up the momentum of the campaign, there is a real opportunity to re-set the direction of Government policy in relation to pharmacy.”

Meanwhile, NPA members have been sharing their personal experiences of what makes community pharmacy special. 100 case studies have been submitted from pharmacists and their patients, which can be read online at

NPA member Divyakant Mazny, from Nu-Ways Pharmacy in Middlesex shared: “A patient complained of serious abdominal pain and wanted some advice on taking painkillers. Upon questioning, I ruled out minor problems. I suspected appendicitis but as the pain was moving, I could not be 100% so I advised her to go to A&E. She came into the pharmacy a few weeks later and told me I had saved her life. She had an ectopic pregnancy which could have burst and potentially, she could have died.”

To keep up to date with the campaign or to share your pharmacy story, visit the NPA website.

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