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Vaccine fatigue has set in, claims Well study

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Vaccine fatigue has set in, claims Well study

A quarter of people who took part in a survey by Well Pharmacy which was designed to gauge the public’s attitude towards flu vaccinations said they believe "vaccine fatigue has well and truly set in".

Of the 2,000 individuals who took part in the study, 25 per cent said they detected a lack of motivation among people to get jabbed largely because of an extensive Covid vaccine programme that started nearly two years ago.

Twenty-three per cent said they felt people had grown tired of hearing about vaccines and 14 per cent said personally were bored. That was despite 38 per cent saying they were grateful they had access to flu and Covid vaccines.

Well Pharmacy’s deputy superintendent pharmacist George Sandhu said vaccine fatigue was “deeply concerning” given the importance of vaccination in protecting people this winter.

“Although most people recover from the flu virus, it can become very serious. Community pharmacy plays a vital role in supporting the NHS,” he said, offering a timely reminder that Well is providing flu vaccinations via mobile health clinics across the UK.

“We are committed to helping as many people as possible and we have highly trained and experienced vaccinators ready to protect the local communities we serve,” he said, warning the research showed that a lot of people “are at risk of becoming unwell this flu season” if they do not get jabbed.

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