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Six claim EPB places amid rumours of unrest


Six claim EPB places amid rumours of unrest

The English Pharmacy Board election results have been announced, with six candidates taking their place despite the fact that five vacancies were originally expected to be filled.

Andre Yeung, Tracey Thornley, Sibby Buckle, Duncan Petty and David Carter claimed the substantive vacancies on the Board but another candidate, Brendon Jiang, has taken what the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has described as “a casual vacancy.”

ICP understands the casual vacancy arose because Sid Dajani (pictured), who was elected as a Board member last year, is no longer an RPS member.

When asked why there were six vacancies on the EPB instead of five, the RPS told ICP: “This is because a casual vacancy arose during the election process of the English Pharmacy Board. A casual vacancy also arose on the Welsh Pharmacy Board.”

When asked to confirm that Dajani is no longer an RPS member and if so, why he is no longer a member, the RPS said it was “unable to make comment about individual members.”

Jamie Hayes, was elected to the Welsh Pharmacy Board while Adam Mackridge took the casual vacancy.

John McAnaw, Brian Addison and Kathleen Cowle took the three substantive vacancies on the Scottish Pharmacy Board.

Their terms of office end in June 2021.

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