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Sigma Oman: Spending on pharmacy less than GPs


Sigma Oman: Spending on pharmacy less than GPs

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) chief executive Mark Lyonette has revealed that community pharmacy spending on its representative bodies in England is dwarfed by the money spent by GPs on their equivalent organisations.

An analysis of community pharmacy's annual expenditure, revealed by Lyonette to the Sigma conference in Oman, showed NPA membership generates £2.4 million a year, the PSNC's fees total £3.3 million and the local pharmaceutical committee network pulls in £9.7 million at a combined £15.4 million.

In comparison, GP spend on its representative bodies annually comes to £120.3 million, the British Medical Association, Royal College of General Practitioners and the local medical committee network generating £55.8 million, £37.1 million and £27.4 million respectively.

"GPs spend over £120 million compared to our £15 million. Sometimes I think as a sector, we perhaps beat ourselves up for not achieving as much as the GPs," Lyonette said.

"There are all sorts of reasons why the GPs get their contract negotiations first but one of them is that they have much bigger resources to advocate for their profession and they've had that for many years. (But) I'm not suggesting the NPA needs to increase its membership fees."

He added: "The other interesting thing about the GP funds compared to ours is the distribution. Most of their money goes to the centre and far less goes to the local network. This is bound to produce a stronger centre and, dare I say it, a more joined-up approach nationally.

"I'm not trying to be provactive, I'm not trying to change any of this, I just think it helps explain our position and some of the challenge we face."




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