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Sanofi imports Clexane from Italy to cover shortage


Sanofi imports Clexane from Italy to cover shortage

The pharmaceutical company Sanofi has imported supplies of the anticoagulant Clexane 40mg from Italy to cover shortages caused by what the PSNC has described as a “quality issue” relating to another batch of the drug that was supposed to arrive this month

Sanofi’s move to import the drug followed concern that wholesalers were out of stock, although the imported batches were expected to be available from yesterday “via usual ordering methods,” according to the PSNC.

The Department of Health and Social Care urged GPs and pharmacies to work together to ensure the drug is available locally.

“The most important difference between the Italian and UK preparations is the difference in the needle guard device,” the PSNC said.

“To deploy the Preventis needle shield on the Italian syringes, users will need to firmly push the plunger after completing the injection.

“The user will hear an audible ‘click’ to confirm the activation of the protective sleeve and the protective sleeve will automatically cover the needle. Patients and HCPs will need to be trained on this new device.”

The PSNC said the next UK Clexane 40mg stock will not be available until February 18.



Picture: omersukrugoksu (iStock)

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