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PSNC to give LPCs more support next year


PSNC to give LPCs more support next year

The PSNC has outlined three main topics which will drive its work next year, including providing local pharmaceutical committees (LPCs) with more support to engage with commissioning structures.

A meeting of the negotiator’s committee in Birmingham resulted in a plan of action for 2019. That included helping LPCs create business cases and supporting them to understand local commissioning such as integrated care systems.

The PSNC said it could hold more webinars, briefings and create more networking opportunities, stage an LPC chairs day, ensure there is “regular contact with LPCs about their needs” and get LPCs sharing ideas with other LPCs across the country.

The PSNC also said it will focus on helping commumity pharmacies make the most of technology and address pharmacy funding and pharmacy numbers which have been falling in the wake of the government’s cuts.

“Given the NHS financial crisis and the wider economic situation, we will not be able to secure more money for doing the same things, and so community pharmacy will need to undergo a period of transformative change,” the PSNC said.

“At the heart of this must be a government vision setting out what it wants from pharmacies – this would enable the sector to plan. PSNC will look to work with Government and NHS England on setting out this vision.”

The PSNC’s ambitions ahead of future negotiations included maintaining a network of “fully funded community pharmacies,” securing an extension of existing community pharmacy service, giving pharmacies full access to patients records and agreeing a multi-year settlement. 

The PSNC also said it would strive to agree new funding models “which allow pharmacies to focus on services and ensuring that maximum benefit is derived from prescribed medicines, as opposed to dispensing volumes” as well as a model “that integrates community pharmacy into the wider primary care network.”


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