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NPA opens funding SOS hotline

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NPA opens funding SOS hotline

The NPA has set up a ‘funding SOS’ email hotline for members, in light of the fact that funding cuts are now feeding through to FP34s.

Contractors can contact if they have concerns about cash flow or medium term viability of their pharmacy businesses.

Last month, the NPA launched the Pharmacy Business Planner, a web-based financial simulator that helps independents analyse their new financial position and maintain a sustainable bottom line. The Association is now also lowering prices on its top 20 selling pharmacy essential sales items, such as Controlled Drugs registers.

In a message to NPA members in England, Chairman Ian Strachan said: “Will all members who feel they need support right now please contact the NPA and let’s see what can be done. You mustn’t feel you’re alone. Contact the NPA if you have any concerns at all about current cash flow or the future viability of your pharmacy business.”

“The legal challenges to the cuts will be heard at the High Court in a few weeks’ time,” continued Mr Strachan. “The court case rightly raises hopes but we must be realistic in our expectations. Even if we win our case and the decision to impose cuts is quashed, it can’t be assumed that the cuts will not be brought back to the table at a later date. Tight public finances are a fact of life, and pharmacy cannot avoid the seismic forces playing out across the health and social care system and in society more generally. However, that doesn’t mean the sector is powerless in the face of change. And you can be sure that the NPA will be with you every step of the way.”

John Pickford, the NPA’s Commercial Director, added: “Pharmacies need to be on a sustainable footing for the long term – hence the expanding range of NPA business products and services, as well as our ongoing campaigning for adequate public investment in the sector.”

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