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Fraudulent scripts seized at pharmacies in Manchester


Fraudulent scripts seized at pharmacies in Manchester

Fraudulent FP10 prescriptions have been handed in at pharmacies across south Manchester and the surrounding area, according to the National Pharmacy Association (NPA).

A warning that fraudulent prescriptions were in circulation, with Wythenshawe of particular interest to the authorities, was delivered to the NPA pharmacy services team by Greater Manchester Police.

One surgery whose address was on a prescription confirmed that the patient who the script was intended for was not registered with them while the prescriber’s signature was written in similar handwriting to the patient’s signature on the reverse of the prescription.

“Although this case has been investigated by the Greater Manchester Police, patient safety is paramount and all pharmacists and their teams should be aware of what is happening in other areas to help their own practice and learning,” the NPA said.

“It is prudent to be vigilant and act accordingly if concern/suspicion is raised for any prescription presented.”

The NPA said pharmacists and their teams should check prescriber details on the relevant professional register, contact the prescriber for medication combination, dosage or quantities queries and record all correspondences on the patient medication record.



Picture: Cesar Okada (iStock)

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