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DHSC issues SSP for paracetamol 240mg suppositories

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DHSC issues SSP for paracetamol 240mg suppositories

The Department of Health and Social Care has today issued a serious shortage protocol for paracetamol 240mg suppositories in response to what it described as “a significant ongoing disruption” to supply.

Under the SSP, one paracetamol 250mg suppository must be supplied for every paracetamol 240mg suppository originally prescribed.

The PSNC, who insisted it would keep contractors updated on any changes, said the SPP, which expires on May 5, could be amended or revoked at any time.

The negotiator, who also reminded contractors there is a separate SSP in place for paracetamol 120mg suppositories, said they will be reimbursed the reimbursement price for paracetamol 250mg suppositories; £1.27 for one single activity fee and £5.35 for one SSP fee.


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