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Boots trials skin scanning service


Boots trials skin scanning service

Boots has started trialling a private skin scanning service in 50 of its stores across the UK.

The service, which costs £65 per consultation, is designed to help patients understand their skin condition and any treatments that may be offered.

The patient will have a private discussion with a Boots pharmacist about their condition, medical history and previous treatments before a particular area of skin is scanned and images are sent to a consultant dermatologist at ScreenCancer UK who run the service.

The dermatologist then analyses the images and patient responses before sending over a report containing a diagnosis, advice, possible over-the-counter medication recommendations and a private prescription that is dispensed and collected at the Boots pharmacy where the consultation took place.

Boots said the service was “the first of its kind available nationally from a high street pharmacy chain.” One skin condition is assessed per consultation.

A dermatoscope, which magnifies the area of skin, is used to take images and Boots said its pharmacists will be trained to use the technology.

Dr Kurt Ayerst, consultant dermatologist FRCP and medical director, ScreenCancer, said: “The aim of the ScreenCancer skin scanning service is to provide the convenience of patient-initiated assessment of skin concerns with rapid access to an opinion from a GMC specialist list registered consultant dermatologist for advice.

“There is a global drive to deliver high-quality, patient-orientated healthcare in novel ways, and technological advancements in our field have allowed this to progress.

“The combination of advanced equipment accessible within Boots pharmacies and utilising dermatologists with years of experience gained while undertaking busy NHS clinics provides a high level of service for the customer.”



Picture: damiangretka (iStock)


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