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Boots rolls out free health MOT in over 1,000 branches

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Boots rolls out free health MOT in over 1,000 branches

Boots is rolling out free MOT health tests for the over-40s in more than 1,000 of its branches in England.

The 15-minute appointment, which can be booked online, includes a blood pressure check as part of the NHS pharmacy service, an “optional BMI and waist circumference measurement” and personalised lifestyle advice on exercise, nutrition, sleep, mental wellbeing and how to stop smoking.

The service, which runs from now until the end of June, follows research commissioned by Boots revealing more than two-thirds of people want to feel healthier. In the over-40s group, that increases to almost three in four, with over half motivated by their desire to live longer.

The study also found two-thirds of Boots pharmacy staff have seen more patients come to them for general healthy living advice as they try to prevent illness compared with five years ago.

“The free health MOT at Boots is intended to help people gain greater insight into their health and take the steps they need to improve it,” said Boots superintendent pharmacist Claire Nevinson.

“As we get older, we become more vulnerable to conditions like high blood pressure, so it’s important that we take steps to help stay healthy. The checks done during the MOT and the advice provided not only helps individual patients lead healthier lives but also reduces pressure on the NHS by offering accessible care in pharmacies at the heart of communities.” 








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